Transcript: Bitfxt AMA section with Franklin Peters and Points to note

3 min readJul 6, 2020

AMA Summary — 3rd July, 2020

After a brief introduction among the attendees which included the CEO of LDE Advertising Agency; Mr. Louis Dike, The Founder of NiMEDix Ecosystem; Ochoche Ubenyi and Miklos Denkler of CorionX. The CEO of Bitfxt, Franklin Peters, took a few minutes to talk about Bitfxt; Its origin, the year it was founded and the use cases of Boundless pay. After introductions were concluded, the agenda for the day began.

Below are a few questions asked by the attendees and the answers given by the CEO.

  1. I thought Bitfxt was an Escrow before I signed up. What is Bitfxt?

Bitfxt is not an Escrow. Bitfxt Technology Ltd. is a tech company that provides amazing digital services to users while is our exchange where you can trade cryptos at low fees. We make it easy for users to buy cryptocurrency without hassle. You do not need to know how to read charts. As long as you have your naira, you can trade in a secure environment without the fear of losing money to fraudsters on social media platforms.

2. What is Boundlesspay?

Boundless simply means Not Limitation… No bound by Anything, So boundlesspay is essentially a Decemtralized Finance (DeFi) system that allows you make transactions globally with no limitations.

Boundlesspay was built on our own Blockchain, making it one of the first FinTech application to do this.

There are lots of features within the boundlesspay application, one of which is the Boundlesspay Earn. This feature offers an avenue for users to earn from the comfort of their home by allowing our professions crypto traders to manage their portfolio transparently for them.

A formal introduction to the earning methods was given LIVE from the CEO.

There are 4 earning methods accessible on Boundlesspay. They include; Learn2trade, TradeWithMe, Trade4me, signals and a Referral program where you earn commission on every transaction made by your registered referrals.

The BOUNDLESS Card will be made available in less than 8 weeks from now and at a very low price of about $2 to $3 dollars without the shipping fee. A plan for FREE shipping is in place but card owners will have to pick up the cards at designated pick up centers.

Orders for the Verve card are ongoing.

Note: When filling your card details, please select VERVE. MasterCard and Visa will be available at a much later time.

3. A suggestion to include more stable coins and decentralized finance on the platform.

This is exactly what Boundlesspay is all about. We are focused on Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in which users can make payment for utility services, micro savings opportunity and lots more. Once you sign up, in partnership with a renowned bank in Nigeria, Boundlesspay becomes your bank account where you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world, instantly. One of the features Boundlesspay will have is called, Aut Savings. It is a system that allows your account to be automatically debited and used to purchase Bitcoin as often as you desire either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis right in your wallet. The stable coin that came with Boundlesspay is called BPY. There is also a staking opportunity available on Boundlesspay.


To end the day on a happy note, those in attendance and all who contributed with questions and recommendations were rewarded with some giveaways through the CEO’s Boundlesspay wallet.

For more, CLICK HERE to watch a playback of the full AMA session. Password: 6j#B!5l5

Bitfxt has an amazing community and we will always work hard to deliver the best services to you.

Warm Regards and have a great Weekend!

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