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  • Eric Annan

    Eric Annan

    A Techpreneur on a mission for Economic Liberation|Collaboration key business philosophy|Gratitude|Empathy|Compassion|Kindness|Selfless Team Builder|Talent Hunt

  • Niran


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  • Zainab Adeniran

    Zainab Adeniran

  • Ananya


  • MennyKitty


  • Senator Ihenyen

    Senator Ihenyen

    A technology lawyer, Senator combines knowledge in intellectual property & technology— the two most powerful things in the digital economy—to create value.

  • Sasha Abramovich

    Sasha Abramovich

    Founder @ itini.me, Unorthodox Product Executive/Advisor

  • Agbona Igwemoh

    Agbona Igwemoh

    Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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