Great news! The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for NiM token has officially kicked off!!. In previous posts, we have highlighted the use cases of the NiM token and the importance of participating in the IEO.

Note that IEOs don’t offer crypto tokens to the general public. Only the users of Bitfxt Exchange can participate in the IEO event. So, SIGN UP (if you haven’t), complete your KYC verification and follow the steps below to begin buying.

How to buy the NiM token

First thing you need to do is check the cryptocurrencies you can use to contribute to the IEO. In this case, the acceptable currencies are: BTC, ETH, BPY and NGN.

Step one

Top up your account with the acceptable coins.

Step two

On the Menu, Click on Launchpad or follow this direct link to participate CLICK HERE.

Step three

Under the Running section, select NIMEDIX

Step four

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on BUY.

Token Sale Details

IEO start date: 11/07/2020

IEO end date: 09/10/2020

IEO token supply: 200,000,000

Token name: NiMEDix

Token symbol: NiM

Whitepaper: English

Contacts: LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter.

“…We are happy to host NiM IEO on our START-UP Launchpad at Bitfxt. Bitfxt Startup launchpad is a smart and transparent way for startups to raise money leveraging on blockchain technology. Nimedix has a target of raising $7,000,000 by issuing 70,000,000 NiM tokens to a crowd of investors who will invest with as little as $1 and own a part of Nimedix as well as partake in periodic profit sharing with Nimedix. You must not be a doctor or own a hospital to make money from the medical industry, through NiMEDix Ecosystems, you can own a piece of as many hospitals as you wish and make profit as they grow!”.

“We wish the NiMEDix Ecosystems team the very best on their fundraising. You too can participate and track their progress HERE”.

“We at Bitfxt are redefining the way startups raise money… in a safe/secure, transparent and democratic way!”. — Franklin Peters, CEO of Bitfxt. (View post on LinkedIn).





Scarlet is a web 3 writer with expert knowledge in Blockchain and DeFi

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Scarlet is a web 3 writer with expert knowledge in Blockchain and DeFi

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