Bitfxt Monthly Update: June Edition

6 min readJul 8, 2020


Welcome to this edition of the monthly newsletter for Bitfxt Technology. We are excited to give the community a brief, retrospective review of our activities and milestones in the past month.

The month of June was an amazing one for the African and Global community. We first saw the launch of the Bcard which happens to be the world’s first cryptocurrency gift card followed by the IEO announcement for NiM Coin. We will briefly share more details on that in this newsletter, as well as a lot of other things.

Here’s a brief summary of some important events and achievements that took place in the month of June.

The Launch of the Bcard

We’ll kick off with the most exciting news of last month. The launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency gift card brought a lot of excitement in the community. It proved that a lot can be achieved with Blockchain technology.

The BCard is a store of value card that allows the card holder utilize it to make purchases. It is pegged to the BPAY Coin; a stable coin which makes it unaffected by inflation and volatility. This virtual gift card enables you to buy any cryptocurrency of your choice, hold it for as long as you desire and sell at the stable rate of a dollar. There is also the option of gifting the BCard to a loved one. Read more about it HERE.

Featured blog: How to create a Bitfxt account and complete KYC

Here’s a feature blog post that not only gives a newbie introduction to cryptocurrency, but also a step by step guide on how to sign up on the best exchange in Africa.

The article includes a list of documents a new user would need to perform and complete his verification process on the Bitfxt Exchange platform. Read about it HERE.

The appointment of LDE Advertising Agency as new Digital Agency for Bitfxt

Bitfxt Technology announced her partnership with LDE Advertising agency as the new digital agency with effect from June 1, 2020. It is worthy of note that this decision was arrived at after a very competitive pitch process that saw LDE Advertising agency come out tops.

The digital agency revealed their admiration for Bitfxt Technology and promised to position Bitfxt as the №1 go-to company for Blockchain/digital currency exchange related matters in Nigeria. You can find the full details of the appointment in this publication.

Latoken lists BXT

Another spectacular event took place in the month of June. Latoken, one of the best exchanges known for trading numerous cryptocurrencies with high liquidity listed the BXT Coin. The listing is expected to provide an increase in trade volume for BXT.

To begin trading BXT, users must first create an account on and pass verification. The next step would be to deposit and trade ETH for BXT. Read full details of the listing HERE.

NiMEDix (NiM) set to launch IEO on Bitfxt Exchange

Yet another milestone achievement for both the NIMEDIX Ecosystem and Bitfxt Exchange. The Healthcare project will be having the IEO of their NiM Coin on Bitfxt Exchange on the 12th of July, 2020.

With numerous and profitable benefits, Nimedix offers users an opportunity to invest in quality healthcare services and earn a passive income while at it. This is one investment you don’t want to miss out on. Users are encouraged to explore and prepare for the coming IEO. Details of the IEO can be found in this press release

An insightful article on Why Bitfxt is focused on enriching Africa

Bitfxt Technology Ltd. is a Nigerian born initiative focused on enriching the African continent by providing unmatched digital services. A user friendly exchange, a platform that provides boundless access to exciting services and a cryptocurrency ATM Card are just one of the groundbreaking milestone achievements of the Bitfxt Technology project.

Realize that Africa has a growing number of young individuals who are focused on developing the continent using technology. In this article, Bitfxt Technology Ltd., highlights the various ways it intends to achieve this feat using Blockchain technology. Read about it HERE.

The listing of BNB and Tatcoin on Bitfxt Exchange

The catalogue of cryptocurrencies in Bitfxt Exchange has seen more additions in the past month. The latest freshmen are BNB and Tatcoin. Trade for these two have begun in earnest. In this publication, it is seen that BNB powers the Binance Ecosystem and is the native coin of Binance Chain while Tatcoin is the official transaction currency of the ABiT network and a utility coin with numerous relevance.

An addition of Celo and Hive token is expected in the early days of July. Stay connected.

Featured blog: Why You Should List on Bitfxt

Listing is one of the fastest ways to find new users and make a coin go viral. It is capable of generating millions of dollars if the project is promising. So, if you are searching for a reputable exchange to list your coin, Bitfxt Exchange offers an easy listing process with mouth watering benefits of huge ROI.

This article explores the qualities you should look for in an exchange you want to list your coin. Click HERE to read about it and hopefully make the right choice of listing on Bitfxt.

TRADE ’N’ EARN CONTEST brought to you by Bitfxt

This is a way we gave back to our community for being faithful and true to the project. With a prize pool of $180, 3 winners were selected and prizes have been distributed. The competition was focused on educating users on how to use the Quick Buy/Sell Option to trade on the exchange and at the same time, show the crypto community that it is possible and swift to trade on Bitfxt with as low as $20. Here’s a post announcing the contest and the result publication.

An analysis of the Top 5 reasons why Bitfxt is the Best Exchange to trade in 2020

There are many benefits of trading on Bitfxt which include, fast withdrawals, lowest transaction fee, lowest coin listing charges, a very rewarding affiliate program and solid international partnerships.

With an optimal trading condition, this blog post analyses the reasons why Bitfxt should be considered the number one marketplace for all cryptocurrency trades in 2020. Take a look.

An exploratory article that explains Crypto Volatility

Hello traders and speculators. Did you know that your actions and activities no matter how minute it is, has a significant effect on the price of cryptocurrency assets?

Speculations, bad news, the media, security breaches here and there are some of the many reasons for the uncontrollable bull and bear runs of the crypto market. Find out in a detailed format, how these factors contribute to the unstable nature of the market also known as, Crypto Volatility. Grab your reading glasses and cold glass of juice and learn all about it here.

An AMA section with the CEO of Beepmagnet Group, Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo

The Beepmagnet Group chaired by Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo is a Blockchain and e-commerce company focused on rewarding consumer loyalty. Dr. Gilead believes that loyalty is value, hence he is poised at redefining consumer loyalty programs with the power of Blockchain technology.

Listen to this AMA between the Bitfxt community and Beepmagnet group as Dr. Gilead unfolds what the BM Token and BMCT coin are and how to be a part of a cosumer-focused system CLICK HERE.

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