Bitfxt Monthly Newsletter — August Edition

How to enable 2FA in Bitfxt

How to open a support ticket

How to make instant coin transfers on Bitfxt

Account recovery issues and how to solve them

Emergency Server Upgrade

How to invest in the NiMeDix IEO on Bitfxt

How to Deposit and Withdraw TATCOIN on Bitfxt? Buy TAT on Bitfxt in 5 minutes

Coin Staking on Bitfxt

  • What is Staking?
  • How can I Participate in Coin Staking on Bitfxt?
  • Which coins do we currently support?
  • Will Bitfxt be charging any fees for staking?
  • What is the frequency of rewards distribution?
  • Can users stop Staking? Is there a lock-up period?

Important update on our Tatcoin trading pairs

How to complete KYC verification on Bitfxt

AMA Section with the CEO Bitfxt and Tatcoin Communuty

Bitfxt resumes Tatcoin trading with 3 new features. TRADE NOW!



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