Bitfxt Mobile App | A Sneak Peak

3 min readOct 2, 2020

It’s no news that Bitfxt Exchange will be releasing a mobile app in the coming weeks. We have decided to give our users a sneak peak of the apps features and use cases.

The mobile app is totally free to download and use. All you need to do is download the app on Google Play if you use an Android device or the App Store if you use an iOS device.

Although there are fees for buying, selling and sending cryptocurrency, using the app is totally free. No premium, no nothing. You can find out about the fees here.

  • Features and use cases

The Bitfxt mobile app enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrency using the BitSwap feature and the Trade platform. As well as send, receive, store and stake your favorite cryptocurrencies on Bitfxt.

While the BitSwap enables you to quickly swap your currencies at a slightly higher rate, the Trade platform gives you an opportunity to specify how you want to trade and the price you want to trade for. It’s a platform meant for users who know how to trade.

  • How different is the mobile app from the web app

Asides a few minor details like navigation, the mobile app works exactly like the web app. You can buy, sell, send, receive, store and stake different cryptocurrencies on the Bitfxt mobile app.

The Mobile App will have the BitSwap feature, which you can use for real-time and instant cryptocurrency exchange. Also, the ability to Stake cryptocurrencies that is currently available in the web app will also be present in the mobile app. You can even Trade your cryptocurrencies more conveniently than in the web app. Basically, you will have the website but in a more convenient package.

  • How to keep your mobile app safe

Some safety measures that are available in the mobile app are:

Two-factor authentication

You can read all about activating the Two-factor authentication in this article HERE.


When choosing a password for your Bitfxt mobile app, avoid short, simple words including any that is similar to your name or email address. For instance, if your name is John Doe and your email address is, your password should not contain the word John, Doe, or both.

We also recommend using a password manager like Lastpass, 1password, or Dashlane to easily generate and securely store unique passwords for all of your online accounts. If you are neither comfortable with password managers, use a passphrase (a sentence or group of four or more words) for your account. However, take caution when choosing this option and do not use a phrase from a book or movie as hackers have access to sophisticated database of such quotes.

Remember, NEVER disclose your password to anyone. Bitfxt admins and support will NEVER ask for your password or keys.

Finally, utilize anti-virus protection and scan your device regularly. Stay away from clicking phishing and suspicious links. Enable a phone password and screen lock on your device to keep out unauthorized access.

Expect the release of the mobile app in the coming weeks.

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