Bitfxt introduces ‘BOUNDLESS PAY’ the Gateway to Unlimited Banking in Africa

3 min readJul 8, 2020

Boundlesspay is a secured application that turns its user’s cell phone into a mobile bank. Its pre-installed digital wallet and debit card enables storing and spending of digital currencies across merchants globally. In addition, users can access crypto loans, pay for their utilities, and invest in digital currency.

In a bid to enhance secured digital banking freedom in Africa and across the globe, Bitfxt; Africa’s leading digital currency exchange company, has developed an application that gives users access to a digital wallet for the purpose of storing and spending a wide range of cryptocurrencies without any difficulty.

The features and benefits of one of the first of its kind are outlined below;

The What!

Boundlesspay is essentially a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) system that allows you to make swift, secure, convenient, and affordable transactions globally without limitations.

The transactions stem from making payments for utility services, micro-savings opportunities, subscribing to educational packages, and lots more.

The Features

The major in-app feature is the custom digital currency ‘BPAY’ denoted as (BPY) which was introduced in 2020 as a stable digital token pegged to a USDollar. It is unique and it differentiates itself from other stable tokens on the Blockchain. Here are some amazing features:

• Utility bill payments

• Micro-payments

• It can be used as a tool for global remittances

• As payment for every service offered by Bitfxt and subsidiary

• Payment for Forex, Binary Options, and Cryptocurrency Educational Packages.

• Can be used to hedge against inflation.

• Used as collateral to take crypto-based loans on BPAY mobile app

• Can be traded against BTC, NGN and Other coins on Bitfxt Exchange

• Adopted by other exchanges and merchants as a stable coin … and so much more.

The Benefits

Imagine a scenario where you hang out with friends in a bar or hotel or you go out for shopping and while spending you find out you’ve run out of money in the bank so you can’t use your ATM. Embarrassing right?

With boundless pay, you can easily;

  • Deposit and transfer digital currency from your wallet to another wallet or to your personalized boundless pay debit card for the purpose of making online transactions or spending across the point of purchase (p.o.s) devices all around the world.
  • Pay for your utilities such as airtime/data, TV subscription (DSTV, GoTV, Startimes), electricity bill, education (WAEC Registration and result checker), event tickets, flight tickets, and hotel room booking
  • Access crypto loans, trading, and signal packages and earn a monthly ROI with our ‘TradeForMe’ feature.

It also offers API to merchants that allow them to accept payments in any cryptocurrency of their choice which can instantly be converted to cash and sent to their local banks. The boundless pay platform also provides competitive transaction fees and charges, and high-security storage for cryptocurrency assets.

The main idea of boundless pay is to enable people around the world to be empowered to make transactions in a speedy manner and at the lowest cost possible.

Going Boundless

At zero cost, you can easily sign up on and fund your wallet either with crypto or your bank debit card to start enjoying our amazing services.

“With Boundless Pay, you have no bounds, but unlimited banking freedom!” — Franklin Peters, CEO Bitfxt Technologies and Boundless Pay Limited.

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