BitDEFI Lists On BibeeX, CryptoPro, CryptoPrices123 and others

2 min readNov 15, 2020


We are happy to announce the listing of Bitfxt’s DeFi token on BibeeX, CryptoPro and CryptoPrices123.

You can use them to have an overview of BFi, including the exchanges where it can be traded, and the latest news from us. Also, benefit from the following key features:

  • Portfolio: keep track of the value of your BFi token and see how they have performed over time.
  • Price: check BFi’s real-time price and market cap.
  • Watchlist: quick access to BFi’s profile and performance follow up.

About BibeeX

Coindar has been reviewed or mentioned by many leading global media. Their representatives are always open to dialogue and are ready to comment on the topic of cryptocurrencies.

About Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is the easiest way to access cryptocurrency prices and manage your portfolio without sacrificing your privacy. They believe in providing everyone with access to tools and data required for navigating the cryptocurrency markets.

About CryptoPrices123

CryptoPrices123 is the window into the world of cryptocurrency, gathering data from a large number of cryptocurrencies, bringing real-time prices and historical charts. Users can add their favourite cryptocurrencies to a handy watchlist, making it easy to follow the coins that are most relevant to them. They can also track the performance of their coins more closely, adding them into an intuitive portfolio feature.

We also secured other aggregator listings with:

About BitDEFI (BFi)

BitDEFi (Bitfxt Decentralised Finance token) is a deflationary ERC-20 governance token issued by Bitfxt on the Ethereum Network. A token burn of 2% is automatically executed after every onchain transaction above 10BFi which is verifiable on the Blockchain.

This is achieved via our inbuilt token buy back and burn process. The Burn function of BitDEFI is instant, verifiable and constant. Onchain governance of BitDEFI is actualised via proposals and a community voting process. Any user with more than 1% of total tokens in circulation can initiate proposals, all users with any amount of BFi can vote for or against such proposal and the majority will always carry the vote.

For more information about BitDEFI (BFi), visit the official website here:

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