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Great news!

After a successful pre-sale, the public sale for BitDeFi (BFi) kicks off by 6pm (WAT) on 09/10/2020. Public sale kicks off immediately at $20/BFi.

Only a few hours to go. You still have a chance to grab it at the pre-sale price of $15 until 6pm. Don’t miss out!

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What is BFi

BFi is the token symbol of BitDEFi. It means Bitfxt Decentralised Finance token. BFi is a deflationary ERC 20 governance token issued by Bitfxt on the Ethereum Network.

Features of BitDeFi (BFi)

Total initial supply: 200,000

Circulation supply: 20,000 (for the next 5–10 years)

Seed sale: $15 (5000 tokens)

Public sale: $20

Seed sale begins: 21/09/2020

Public sale begins: 09/10/2020

Acceptable pairs: NGN, BPY USDT

Official website: Visit

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What are the benefits of holding BFi?

Numerous earning avenues abound such as:

  1. Hold BFi in your wallet and receive periodic smartdrop distribution of up to 7 DEFI tokens listed on our exchange.
  2. Liquidity farming: By Farming any DeFi token, you add liquidity to the BitSwap system and become eligible to be rewarded from BFi reward pool as well as APY of the chosen contract.
  3. Transaction mining: Share from the transaction fees generated on every successful swap of your farmed token paid to you every 24 hours.
  4. Low and limited supply: Price will never go down due to the low and very limited supply of only 20,000 BFi.

What to expect from the Public sale

The public sale kicks off on the 9th of October, 2020 at the price of $20/BFi. Following the public sale are listings on major exchanges. Currently, BFi is listed on Uniswap and Bilaxy alongside Bitfxt Exchange . If you missed out on the pre-sale, don’t miss the public sale.

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