Best 10 trading decisions you should make this week

  1. Have enough savings and use only spare cash for trading.
  2. Equip yourself with an analytics tool. There’s the Candlestick Trading Bible and Onchainfx
  3. Learn to use Stop Loss and Take Profit Order. This ensures you don’t miss huge pump opportunities.
  4. Allow yourself to be mentored by experienced traders. Bitfxt Technologies has one of the best trading mentor-ship programs. Join the community to find out more about our Learn and Earn and Anyone Can Trade trading classes.
  5. Purchase a crypto card. Banks are failing so be ready for the future
  6. Invest in boundless pay and subscribe to Trade4me. Sometimes, you’ll need an experienced risk taker to trade for you to ensure profit.
  7. Subscribe and Join a reputable signal group. Don’t be deceived by crypto avatars you see on the internet. Trading is hard. This is why you need real life trading partners that will help you make decisions on when to buy and when to sell. Leave the twitter loudmouths alone. Most are only after their personal gain; fame.
  8. Stay updated with current cryptocurrency news. These information will help you to make decisions while trading
  9. Trade on an exchange with low fees. Try Bitfxt.
  10. Forgive yourself for previous trading decisions and move on. This will help you focus on current trades and make better decisions. Remember, mistakes are bound to happen. Only ensure your losses are less than your profits.



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Scarlet is a web 3 writer with expert knowledge in Blockchain and DeFi